Adapting to your needs and budget. Connecting with SoftNet as an ISP involves determining which connectivity solution is the most appropriate for all your needs.

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Professional Joomla web design services in South Africa, we specialize in search engine friendly websites, e-commerce, web marketing and graphic design.

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We specialise in domain name registration for your business, as well as web and email hosting services. We also provide Fax2Email services, essential for your business needs.

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See our new ADSL options for 2013.

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SoftNet has been an ISP in South Africa for 15  years – one of the oldest ISPs still in existence in South Africa with  the ownership and management of SoftNet remaining constant for 16 years.  SoftNet has operated in the Lowveld region of Mpumalanga for its entire existence.


Marketing your company through the internet

Marketing can be daunting for many companies. Often the process of getting an effective website designed is complex and appears to be unatainable.


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