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  1. | Buchan's message for Zuma: 'Don't play with God'
    “Don’t play with God.” That was Evangelist Angus Buchan’s message to President Jacob Zuma and the country’s other leaders.
  2. | 16yo stabbed to death on West Rand
    A 14-year-old boy faces a murder charge after allegedly stabbing to death a 16-year-old boy on Friday night, Kagiso police said.
  3. | Tegeta coal prepayment not a loan says Eskom
    The over R600 million Eskom paid to Tegeta, a company in which the Gupta family has interests, was not a loan, but a prepayment, the state-owned power utility said on Saturday.
  4. | Cosatu's 'bipolarism' is worrying - YCL
    The Young Communist League has expressed concern over "inconsistent and mixed messages" coming from leaders in trade union federation Cosatu.
  5. | Fake blogger silent on HuffPost editor's resignation
    The researcher who faked his way onto The Huffington Post's blog platform, to make a point about the media, does not want to talk about the resignation of its editor Verashni Pillay, following a damning Press Ombudsman finding against her.
  6. | Radical economic transformation means nobody will go hungry, says Zuma
    "Everyone should support it. If we're all children of God, let there not be those who are hungry while others are full", he said.
  7. | BREAKING: Verashni Pillay resigns as editor of HuffPost SA
    Verashni Pillay has resigned from her position as editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post SA following recent backlash over a blog post.
  8. | We need a Christian govt - Angus Buchan
    "I look forward to the day Parliament begins every morning with the reading of scripture and prayer, because that is what South Africa needs," evangelist Angus Buchan has said.
  9. | Guns drawn during Sandton shopping row
    Two groups of men who got into a row in Sandton drew firearms, with one group chasing the other all the way to to Rosebank on Saturday, police said.
  10. | Press Ombud instructs Huffington Post to apologise for publishing 'hate speech'
    The Press Ombudsman has instructed Huffington Post to apologise to the public for publishing a "racist and sexist" blog that incited 'hate speech'.

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